About Fitthumb


Our Experience

Our staff at FitThumb comes in all shapes and sizes. For over 15 years we have been designing and developing social tracking tools and finding creative ways to live a healthy lifestyle that works for our unique personalities. We have discovered the secret to success of jumping back on the bandwagon of fitness & nutrition when we fall off—which is routinely! We will share our discoveries with you!

Our Team

Together we have over 172 years of combined experience in what we do! Our office of experts (normal people with a passion) range in age from:

  • 60ish—our seasoned medical expert and wine connoisseur who operates ‘Grandma’s Grapes’ in her off time
  • 30ish—lead software expert and top guru of online ‘gaming’
  • Rest of us: graphic artists (Picasso with a twist), programmers (pocket protectors with flare), support staff and management (high strung coffee drinkers with a caffeine-fueled purpose)

In short, we are people just like you who want to live well, do good, and have fun along the way! Join us on this health journey!