Community Wellness with

Community Wellness with

It’s impossible to disconnect our individual health from our community’s health. The pursuit of wellness is more than just an individual effort. Every individual is personally responsible for adopting healthy habits, creating an environment of ‘shared-accountability’ for a society. Communities that support people in making healthy choices assist in the prevention of chronic disease & the complications that can result from them. Collaboration is the best way to make communities healthy for everyone!

Communities that work together can help activate & spread policy, system & environmental changes that encourage eveyoone to be more physically active, eat a healthy diet, manage emotional health factors thus creating an educated & vitalized society.

The Solution –

Communities are seeking actions to mitigate costs by adopting health management strategies within their strategic plan and benefits program. utilizes proven techniques equipped with tracking technology to target employee/community incentives and rewards based on performance, sustaining program objectives and a healthy workforce & community over time. Provide your community with new concepts, programs and strategies that promote a healthy life for you, your family and your workforce, plus a healthy bottom line for your business and your community.” Health management program objectives addressed by this program include: improved health status and life expectancy of the workforce; reduced medical and disease care costs; enhanced performance and productivity (reducing absenteeism, disability, workers compensation); heightened recruitment and retention; greater company visibility and social responsibility.

Solutions to the growing health care costs faced by organization’s today must be strategic, systematic, systemic and sustainable.  They must be integrated into the organizational environment and culture.’s web-based health management program, with social networking and data tracking features, offers a tactical solution.  On-going and systematic information & education programs enhance behavioral choices.  Fitness challenges that include networks of family and friends maintain engagement.  Continuous tracking and real-time metrics measure engagement to target incentives and rewards.  And demonstrated investment in the health of employees enhances commitment, performance and quality.

  • Behavioral Management– As health care reform continued, a study by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation identified that 10% of individual health is related to access to medical care. An additional 10% is influenced by the environment. Family genetics impact 20% of an individual’s health status, while fully 60% is the result of behavioral lifestyle choices. FitThumb was increasingly approached by hospitals turning their efforts towards fostering a Healthy Community. They were seeking ways to connect, communicate, educate and sustain shared efforts towards health enhancement across multiple groups in diverse locations. Taking lessons learned from individual, group and organizational programming into a multi-site environment was the next evolutionary step for FitThumb.
    • Community health assessments, with an emphasis on behavioral health, were designed. Data demographics based on zip code allowed the client manager to identify issues and outcomes by group/organization/region. This facilitated the targeting of program challenges and resources appropriately. Segmented outcomes information proved very important to local, regional and state health initiatives.
    • Community partnerships increased the promotion of, and attendance at ongoing public health programs offered by individual groups/organizations throughout the region. The number of business-donated rewards also increased (along with free advertising).
  • Coordinated efforts created a shared awareness and cohesive, unifying commitment to improve the wellbeing of the community. This cultural shift towards a bias for partnership and health found one community losing 2414# (the size of 1 VW with 4 robust passengers) in 12 weeks. The outcomes and impact of this program earned the host hospital a $1.22 million CDC Grant (one of eight hospitals in the country to receive this award).
  • Providing a turn-key wellness portal for an employee/community base has lowered insurance costs and ignited the wellness of motivated and incentivized employees and citizens. Extending that framework into specific market segments—reservations and school systems—has expanded program resources and client opportunities.

As a development company, first and foremost, the entire library of products, classes and data/management programs are owned and created as a single functional structure which can be stacked, modified or enlarged for the unique needs of the client/customer base which we are incredibly proud of.

We design, build and produce all of our own content and materials for our online classes (health & life), health challenges, behavioral assessments, fitness challenges, etc.   Therefore, we can modify existing resources or create anything new for anyone with a grand idea.

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