FitThumb Corporate Wellness Portal is an online, web-based, private, customizable wellness portal for your organization.

FitThumb, offers you an easy to use social networking based wellness platform, that is HIPPA compliant, designed to help manage and run your wellness program. From new to well-established programs FitThumb hosts a variety of tools for use in your very own customized, private and branded wellness portal.

FitThumb is Easy!

Our easy to use interface gives users a one stop shop to access all your wellness program has to offer. Challenges, Classes, Points, Programs, Rewards, Incentives and more are waiting just for you!


FitThumb is Cost Effective!

Value is the name of the game! Over the last five years, employee’s share of health care costs—including premium contributions and out-of-pocket expenses—have increased more than 50% from $3,199 in 2008 to $4,814 in 2013; the average health care cost per employee is $4814 (low risk) to $11,188(high risk). FitThumb delivers quality products and programs at a fraction of what you will save in health care expenditures—while improving morale, productivity and your bottom line.


Exercise and Wellness Challenges

FitThumb gives you the flexibility to step outside of the box to give your employees a wellness portal that goes above and beyond the ‘norm’. In addition to the standard tracking functions for exercise and nutrition, FitThumb allows you to track other things as well. Personal goals such as Sleep, Water, Fruits and Vegetables consumption can be tracked on a daily basis. Fun individual, team and group challenges can be distributed to your users over a specific challenge timeframe. Compliancy Tracking assists many of our customers, who choose to provide their employees with additional incentives based on health requirements, with measuring and managing their reward program each month.


Easy to run Team Challenges

Various team challenges come available for you to use. From total steps to average steps to weight loss to duration, we have a challenge that works for you! Using our team challenges not only are team ranked by the challenge goal, but locations are ranked as well regardless of team allowing users to view their location’s position in the rankings. As with everything Fitthumb, users have full control on whether their specific values appear for others to see or not. Our most popular challenge, the average steps team challenge compare the average steps taken by each team, allowing more flexibility and fairness with team size. NASA used it recently to run their organization-wise steps challenge with great success, over a half a billion steps taken, far out!



Health Coaching Functionality

With’s health coaching platform, providing coaching services to your employees is simple! From easy biometric importing/entering to integrated action plans and document libraries, your heath coaches have the tools and functions to manage their populations. Let them do what they do best and leave the rest to Fitthumb. We have the tools such as population reports, cost analysis, historical biometric trending, individualized planning and resource sharing, secure communication between client and coach and more. We provide the tools, you supply the health/wellness coaches!



Social Wellness

FitThumb allows users to ‘buddy up’ with one another to communicate, encourage and challenge one another more easily. Buddy Challenges allow a buddy to invite as many other buddies as they want to join them on their own personal buddy challenge; a more personalized team within the larger group.



Points, Incentives and Rewards

Participation Points are a great way to reward your users for using the FitThumb System! Points are given for doing a variety of activities within the portal. Points can be given for finishing guided content or fitness challenges that you have assigned to your users. Rewards are a great way to provide something back to your users for the accrual of their Participation Points. Though the system you can create a variety of reward types such as drawings, rewards and charitable contributions. Users can optionally choose to display their name proudly on the participation point dashboard to help motivate or challenge other users to participation as well.


Learn More!

We could tell you about all day but your best option would be to speak with one of our representatives about how FitThumb could help you with your program!