Product Walkthrough – Buddies and Social

Buddy system keeps you connected

Our buddy system allows your users to connect to the people who they work with. Using our flexible user-friendly system, people can create buddy links, joining their buddies in wellness challenges (i.e., exercise, nutrition, lifestyle choices), and discussion groups that challenge and motivate other team members along the way. Buddy challenges can be run concurrent with corporate challenges (i.e.,. if a corporate challenge involves walking 50 miles, users can join their buddies in a mini-challenge with the same goal, keeping them engaged and motivated). Discussion groups also allow buddies to keep in touch on a particular subject or challenge. And coming soon, buddies will be able to join together in a private weight loss challenge.



Buddy challenges keep you motivated

Using the buddy system, users can connect to others who share their passion or motivation! Studies have shown people are more engaged and motivated when they can exercise with friends. Buddy challenges let users exercise with co-workers privately, tracking progress and maintaining focus to achieve a winning result!


Journaling for motivation

The journal system is a great place for users to share motivational content, images, links and more. Many of our health challenges are linked into the journal system so that as users complete content, they can share their journey with the rest of the community around them. Others can leave comments and questions that prompt additional discussion creating a lively, engaged community around your wellness program.