Product Walkthrough - Community Blog / Events

Product Walkthrough – Community Blog / Events

The Power of Community

Good health is critical to quality of life, productivity and the economy. Community environments (groups, teams, organizations) are powerful forces in producing and supporting good health. Staying connected makes where we live and work a key element in the health of everyone. FitThumb offers you the opportunity to establish a dynamic organizational community. With this web-based platform, you can also select partners outside your organization and develop a rich public exchange and presence.


Community Blog

Communication is essential for creating healthy relationships. Get everyone on the same page by using the social networking platform FitThumb provides. Users are given the opportunity to post thoughts, ideas and resources in real-time. List a topic and watch the group form around shared interests. Begin the conversation with a focusing question, document, or other resource and others will chime in with their own ideas and resources. Best practices prevail—everyone wins on this one!


Community Events

Engaging the support and resources of other community partners shares the responsibility and opportunity for improving everyone’s health. The FitThumb calendar allows various groups/departments within your organization to post upcoming activities and opportunities. It also provides a place for contact with the agency, or the opportunity to ‘register on line’, facilitating easy access and scheduling for the user and provider. A calendar of community events/opportunities coupled with social networking communication opportunities helps direct resources and information to those who need it ‘just in time’!