Product Walkthrough - Exercise/Nutrition Tracking

Exercise Tracking

Fitthumb is a wellness portal designed to help your company manage and promote your own health and wellness program. One of the most basic elements of Fitthumb is the ability to track exercise using our web-based tools. Inviting folks to join an exercise challenge (yours or ours) and then tracking their activities and outcomes is easy using our portal interface. We use ACSM published guidelines for calorie calculations and provide feedback in the form of graphs, report and more. Entered exercise is automatically applied to and counted towards any and all exercise/buddy challenges your user account might be participating in.


Nutrition Tracking

Fitthumb also hosts a set of tools to help you track and manage nutritional diet choices. Whether entering foods from our online nutritional database or your own, Fitthumb lets you keep track of those calories as well as the makeup of the food you are eating. Set and track goals, set waypoint markers for amount of weight lost and more. Keep your users motivated with our nutritional toolset.


Email to Exercise Makes it Easy

For users who like to work primarily in email, Fitthumb supports Email to Exercise functionality. Simply set up a template or specify an exercise type, determine which days you would like your email and receive a custom email specific to your exercise. Fill out a few values, send it in and its automatically posted to your account without ever having to log in.


NEW – Fitbit integration makes it even easier!

Whats simpler then setting it and then forgetting it? Nothing! Now sync your fitbit account with your fitthumb account and enjoy automatic entry of your steps and activity information into your fitthumb account every time you sync your Fitbit! Participate in Fitbit only buddy challenges with friends, leaderboards and more.