Product Walkthrough - Getting Started

Your own Personalized Portal

FitThumb wants to help you get YOUR commitment to their health in front of your organization. We will customize the website URL with your imagery, logo, slogans and anything else that brands it as YOU! We will create a sign in page, and the sight itself to mirror you back to your group. There is no better way to inspire and enroll people into your commitment to their health!

FitThumb also allows you to introduce your own specific content to your users; customized programs, links, articles and more. Many of our customers provide extra participation points for things such as lunch and learns, flu shot clinics and other things you provide to meet your strategic objectives. Users can self-select and record the programs they have participated in, or your administrators can enter the information through our administrative portal.


Your own URL

By joining Fitthumb, you get your own personalized URL which can be used to access your portal. Your users will use the easy-to-remember URL to access your wellness program. You can have anything you want and the shorter the better!

We also use HIPPA compliant SSL security on all our web URLs, to make sure your user’s interactions with our site are safe and sound!


Customize your Login/Portal

Graphically make your fitthumb your own. We can customize your login page for you as well as the header and background/menu bar of the inner portion of your wellness portal. Some aspects cannot be customized in order to create a consistent experience among our users.

We’ve also had some clients ‘white label’ the system in order to brand and make it look like theirs. Extra charges apply for doing this work, but if you wish to provide a community experience or more private experience for your users, ask us how!


We know users!

We’ve been building tracking web applications since 1999 and we know user interactions and usability! Everything we do within the portal we do in such a way to ensure ease of use among our diverse population of users. We don’t design with a ‘tech-head’ first mentality: you won’t need a Computer Science Degree to understand and to use our platform!