Product Walkthrough - Online Education

Product Walkthrough – Online Education

Let FitThumb be your Full Time Educator

The FitThumb Portal offers an on-going array of self-assessments, health challenges and interactive educational models in a way that engages the interest and on-going participation of the employee. Users gain personal insight as they discover their own unique health patterns, leading to healthy behavioral choices & balanced living.

Meet the Standard

Each educational offering has been carefully crafted by experts in the field; Exercise Physiologists, MD’s, Advanced Practice Nurses, Dieticians, etc. Assessments, health-promoting strategies & benchmarks are based on national standards—always guiding you to the latest evidence-based research.

Each Class is offered on a social networking infrastructure that facilitates engagement & motivation for buddy and team events. Assistance with personal planning that strengthens behavioral choices is accompanied by resources and links that expand information for motivated individuals.

Know as you go!


Keep it Short & to the Point

Research shows that adults and small children share one thing in common—a short attention span! There is so much competing for our time and attention that if we need more than 10 minutes to complete the task, it will not get done. Micro-learning is the best way to educate a busy adult! These ‘applied learning’ modules are:

  • Brief in time requirements—10 minutes or less
  • Based on interests/needs of the learner—each class is filled with personal assessments and immediate feedback
  • Understandable—class is written for many levels of education
  • Engaging—multiple types of learning activities keep you engaged to the end
  • Next steps—a personal plan is created and ‘take away guidelines’ keep you going

Promote Balanced Living

FitThumb offers a large library of classes to choose from. Topics focus on nutrition and life-stress management. Based on the needs/interests of your employees, you can create an annual educational agenda and calendar that is seamlessly sent out monthly, based on your strategic plan.

Nutrition Classes increase recognition of dietary patterns & selection of healthy alternatives are enhanced through guided nutrition tracking. Classes examples include:

  • Waist Management: Glycemic Index Nutrition Planning
  • Not all Carbs are Created ‘Equal’: Carb Challenge
  • Boredom Buster: Emotional Eating
  • Hunter-Gatherer-Healthy Food Shopping

Life/Stress Management Classes explore the impact of stress, finances, time, etc. & strengthen problem solving and creativity through practical on-line application exercises. Class examples include:

  • Tasmanian Devil: Time Management
  • Money Matters: Finances
  • That Lovin’ Feeling: Relationships
  • Make a YOU-Turn: Balanced Living


Sweet Rewards!

Not all rewards are sugar-based! Many of us grew up being rewarded with ‘dessert’—not the healthiest practice in the world. Now you can ‘have your cake and eat it too’…virtually! Since we learn something only by completing it, FitThumb will deliver your classes and track the number of people who accept your invitation—with one additional measure. You will also know who completed the task at hand.

  • Personalized real-time dashboards record immediate and cumulative results of education offerings completed. The report identifies who completed the class as well as how long they spent within it.
  • Points are earned for each class completed. These can be ‘cashed in’ for employer-sanctioned rewards. By shifting rewards from participation to outcomes completed, everyone wins!