Product Walkthrough - Points and Rewards

Get the Point

Reward your users with points and incentives! The system keeps track of points for you & your employees. As your users interact with the system they earn points which they can redeem for rewards/incentives or insurance premium discounts….you get to choose! The reward system is incredibly flexible.

Rewards can be configured for points earned during a specified timeframe (i.e. 1st Quarter, etc.) or points can be earned for a specific goal/reward (i.e., pedometer or movie tickets). You can encourage ‘balance’ in life by varying reward points required for different categories, (i.e., nutrition, exercise etc.). A balanced life is a healthy life!



Organizational Program & Points…no Problem!

You have your own unique ideas of corporate health and wellness! Organizations can create and upload their own company wellness programs for the year.! Want to offer points for attending a clinic on health lunch choices? You can! Or batch your point program (i.e., reward any FitThumb user that has exercised on or over 600 minutes in the previous month with X number of bonus points). Health and wellbeing is a shared responsibility between employer & employee. Let FitThumb help make this a fun and rewarding opportunity for all involved:

  • FitThumb offers employers the ability to track employee programs and correlating points to ensure a ‘joint-goal’ of focusing on health and wellbeing, creating a ‘shared-accountability’ environment.
  • As employees and/or spouses complete the different ‘offered programs’ they simply log into their FitThumb account and click the ‘complete’ button next to the program they finished
  • Points are automatically (in real-time) earned and placed into their individual online point account.
  • A ‘bank ledger’ tracking report has been created so each point earned has a ‘time/date’ stamp providing a comprehensive overview for each employee.
  • Rewards, Incentives, Insurance discounts, etc. can be based on the points earned in a given month, quarter or year.

Reward Their Progress

Now that your users have points earned over time, give them a way to earn a reward because of it! Rewards range from recognition to prizes or drawings which take place over time (i.e.,a user who earns over X points during a pre-set timeframe can be placed into a drawing for a reward). Rewards are considered longer term goals. Our clients give gift cards, items or even Vegas vacations to people who qualify and win the drawing. Rewards can be absolute (Anyone who earns over 3000 points in 1st quarter for example) as well as relative (Top 10% of FitThumb users will be entered into a drawing).


Shop at the incentive store

People LOVE to shop! Give them the option to ‘spend’ their earned points in an incentive store! Our highly configurable incentive store allows you to provide items they can purchase. Restrict items to 1 per person or let them purchase as many as they have points for. Their progress is shown towards each and every item which lets you incentivize your users towards earning more points!