Product Walkthrough – Team Challenges

Product Walkthrough – Team Challenges

Employee Team fitness challenges are a great way to bring your workforce together in friendly competition to reach their health goals and promote health and wellness within your organization. Using FitThumb you can run your very own team competition with flexibility.

Various Team Challenges created to fit your Organization

Various team challenges come available for you to use. From total steps to average steps to weight loss to duration, we have a challenge that works for you! Using our team challenges not only are team ranked by the challenge goal, but locations are ranked as well regardless of team allowing users to view their location’s position in the rankings. As with everything Fitthumb, users have full control on whether their specific values appear for others to see or not. Our most popular challenge, the average steps team challenge compare the average steps taken by each team, allowing more flexibility and fairness with team size. NASA used it recently to run their organization-wise steps challenge with great success, over a half a billion steps taken, far out!


Team Challenge Signup is Easy

Allow your users to create and manage their own teams. Specify options such as max number on a team, team information,etc. Users can search on teams other users have already created or simply create their own. Teams can also be created by administrators for a pre-set list of teams users can search for. Users can also be given a special URL which will auto-sign them up for a team/challenge once they log in using it. offers a ton of flexibility for managing and creating your team based challenge