Product Walkthrough – Wellness Challenges

Product Walkthrough – Wellness Challenges

Exercise Challenges

Fitness Challenges operate on a social infrastructure platform that engages and motivates buddies/teams to increase activity level. Enhanced wellness choices are made through embedded fitness tips & educational materials.
Examples of some of our challenges include:

  • Biggest Loser: Set a weight-loss goal and achieve it!
  • Iditarod Race: Is your sled in the lead?
  • Hike to Hawaii: Can your team visit all the islands first and win the top prize?
  • Button My Pants: Loose the extra 5 lbs and button your pants!
  • BMI (Beach Motivated Individual): Get ready for the Beach and learn about your Body Mass Index.
  • Grab your tennis shoes and join us in these fun monthly fitness challenges! New adventures will be offered to encourage ongoing participation throughout the year.

Wellness Challenges

Along with extensive exercise and nutrition tracking, the Daily Pitstop allows each member of your organization/team to set and monitor their own personal goals. Some will choose water consumption, increase their use of fruits or vegetables, ‘picking a poison’ to break a compulsive and irritation habit, realize a ‘bucket list’ wish’, or share some random acts of kindness. Health and wellness involves living all aspects of life in a balanced way.


Team Challenges

Teams work togther to unlock milestone markers and complete team missions within a specified timeframe.

All challenges have key milestone badges that will ‘unlock’ as progress is made. Each badge has a fun element and an educational focus to guide healthy living.