TagURFit Portal

TagURFit Portal

TagURFit is an online, private, customizable wellness portal for your K-5 school system.

Tag U R Fit was designed to support the education and integration of information and activities that promote the health and well-being of the student/teacher, the family and the community by combining the expertise of a local health care provider, the social and financial commitment of a community-minded organization (i.e. Bank Foundation), with the capacities of smart technology. Together, they are bringing fitness, lifestyle and shared values education & training to a new level of health in the community.

At the center of a plan for children’s health is the need to engage and educate the children, parents and teachers in strategies that manage their own health. The partnership between Crittenton Medical Health System and FitThumb addressed these issues when creating a comprehensive fitness program that includes four major elements:

  • Fitness Challenges: walking etc.
  • Nutrition Challenges: food, water, etc.
  • Character/Values Building Challenges: character counts, quotes etc.
  • Teamwork/Community Challenges:–how grades compete, get rewards etc.

Programmed tools and resources are delivered to the school environment in a seamless and rotating fashion on a smart web platform. Various program elements can be segmented to specific groups to engage members and deliver behavioral change programs. Efficacy is measured through continuous feedback provided to program leaders, which help monitor and guide engagement and performance—based on outcomes—both in real time and over time.

Teach your Students about Physical Health

Health Challenges: (Recommendations & class goals will automatically be set for each challenge).

  • Progress bars will keep students focused on team goals!
  • Mystery boxes will ‘unwrap’ as milestones are met along the way!
  • Educational information & Fun facts have been created for each sticker to keep students & teachers engaged!

Teach your Students about Social Health

Character Counts Challenges: (8 Questions & class goals will automatically be set for each challenge).

  • During each ‘Health’ challenge there will also be a ‘Character Counts’ challenge teaching children the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind/attitude.
  • Eight guiding questions will be offered with each focused Character Counts challenge.
  • A tracking bar will keep students aware of their class progress in completing all 8 questions.

Family Health

TagURfit has also been built for families, allowing students to bring fun, health-focused challenges home to share with their loved ones. As parents create their own family profiles; targeted health goals and educational recommendations will be systematically provided for each challenge. All challenges have been built with 2 achievement levels for families to complete. Each level has a custom-targeted family goal (based on family size & age of each family member) with a progress bar, mystery box, and optional reward set up by parents to incentivize healthy habits.


Sponsor a School Today!

Are you a bank or a hospital or even a large organization looking for a rewarding and helpful way to help your community? You can sponsor a TagURFit healthy portal for a school system in your community. Simply contact us for more information about how this extensive wellness portal can help you!