White Label

White Label

FitThumb is available to White Label!

FitThumb services not only companies but also broker organizations who need a well rounded wellness and health coaching platform to help them deliver their services. FitThumb can be White Label to your organization and utilized as a singular technical platform. Let us handle the intricacies of wellness, challenges, education, program completion,points, rewards, HIPPA and more while you provide your excellent service to the organizations you serve.

Built In Customization

Customize your login pages to reflect your organization’s imagery, coloring and logo information. Post new updates and welcome messages for your users anytime you wish!

Intuitive Administration

Our robust administrative area allows you to administer your various organizations through the portal. Change between organizations you manage with a few clicks. Create content and assign out challenges with a few more clicks!

Fitthumb takes the guesswork out of managing a portal and allows you extensive flexibility to create and manage your own organization’s needs without having to rely on expensive software development.

Private Label

FitThumb.com powered by YOU!

We’ll work with you to private label the site, create your own personal secure URL, integrate your branding and more. Contact us today!