Manage Points and Rewards
Points and Rewards

Reward your users with points and incentives! The system keeps track of points for you & your employees. As your users interact with the system they earn points they can redeem for rewards/incentives or insurance premium discounts…you get to choose!

FitThumb is your Cure
FitThumb is your Cure

The best prescription for Wellness & Prevention is a program that engages, educates, tracks & rewards wellness choices over time!   Let FitThumb assist you in creating a platform that promotes shared-accountability between employee/employer through a wide array of fun activities!

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We Love Wearables!

At FitThumb, we love the thought of automatic fitness tracking through steps. FITBIT® brand tracking devices, Jawbone and Garmin can be synced easily with the FitThumb wellness portal, allowing an effortless and automatic flow of data into your account.


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