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Wellness Portal functionality for Brokers and Wellness Consultants

Whether you are a broker or a health plan with your own book of business or an individual wellness consultant who needs a technical platform to do the heavy lifting, we can help!

Brokers / Whitelabeling / Health Plans / Value added resellers and wellness consultants

Standing out with distinction in the marketplace is essential for your success. Our platform allows companies to create tailored branding options with company logos, URLS, and customized demographics to guide comprehensive programs, outcome measures and reporting options for both the user & the administrator.

  • Hub-spoke design allows a Central Administrative Office to build one portal and replicate programming anywhere in the country-or the world.
  • Multiple-site businesses (each with their own branding) can create and manage a network of sites into a unified whole.
  • Robust tracking and reporting metrics will provide real-time analysis of use and impact on key quality indicators selected for each unique site.
  • Summary of the total user base is also available in real time - and over time.
  • Data Security meets standards of HIPAA Compliance and more

Case Management Platform

Embedded measurement and communication tools focus on biometric data, risk stratification and care management of individuals and groups. Web-supported personal and group coaching, education, care planning and guided discussions, help change and manage chronic illness.

Value Added Resellers

Provide a value added service such as health coaching or wellness program management. We handle the technology and you handle being an expert in employee wellness.

Program Customization

Any proprietary programs/products can be customized for web distribution. Because the company is totally self-owned and integrated, all work is done internally, drastically reducing time-to-market as well as cost for customization.

Community Building

Relationships with local Community Partners can personalize each shared offering site, assuring their own identity and relevance to the community they support. This will promote a growth in adoption by potential future clients in the area.

Corporate & Government Research

Robust data capture, coupled with reporting in real time and over time, makes FitThumb a frequently used framework for formal research as well as policy-based projects.

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