Points and Rewards
FitThumb Incentive Screen

Let FitThumb help you reward engagement!

Get to the point! Health and wellbeing is a shared responsibility between employer & employee. Rewarding your users with points and incentives inspires them to new heights of engagement. You have your own unique ideas of corporate health and wellness, and its value. FitThumb will help your organization create and upload your specific company wellness programs for the year. Want to offer points for attending a clinic on healthy lunch choices, or batch your point program for a drawing? (i.e., reward any FitThumb user exercising over 600 minutes in the previous month with X number of bonus points)? You can! FitThumb will help make this a fun and rewarding opportunity for all involved:

  • FitThumb offers employers the ability to track employee performance while correlating points, to achieve the 'joint-goal' of improved health and wellbeing.
  • As employees and/or spouses (whose data is tracked separate from your employee pool) complete the different 'offered programs' they simply log into their FitThumb account and click the 'complete' button next to the program they finished
  • Points are automatically earned (in real time) and placed into their individual online point account.
  • A 'bank ledger' tracking report has been created so each point earned has a 'time/date' stamp, providing a comprehensive overview for each employee - as well as their employer.
  • Rewards, Incentives, Insurance discounts, etc. can be based on the points earned in a given month, quarter or year.
  • Need proof? An upload function allows employees to provide appropriate materials (MD report, receipt, etc.) to the program Administrator.

Reward Options

Companies use FitThumb to manage the rewards of their choice; health savings accounts rewards, discount insurance, prize drawings, etc. You can foster 'balance' in life by varying reward points required for different categories (i.e. nutrition, exercise, etc.) based on the health profile of your user group.

Incentive Store

People LOVE to shop! Give them the option to 'spend' their earned points in your Incentive Store. Restrict items to 1 per person or let them buy their Christmas gifts for the family - think of all that exercising!

Real Time Points Report

Their progress towards purchase is shown in real time. When you 'know as you go' it incentivizes users towards earning more points. Rewards can be configured for points earned during a specified timeframe (i.e. 1st Quarter) for a specific goal/reward (i.e. cumulative points over time applied to a pedometer or movie tickets).

Company Dashboard Summary

We can download specific 'metrics' into your reward tracking dashboard to measure the things you are most interested in. Aggregate corporate data offers a powerful roadmap for Wellness Program planning and execution going forward.

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