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After years working in corporate wellness for a large hospital/insurance company Trish had a strong desire to start her own health coaching business. Her educational back ground and work history combined with her passion for employee health made this an exciting next step in her career path. She spent months looking for a technical platform/system that would assist her in managing, building and growing a flourishing coaching/wellness business.

When she reached out to FitThumb she found her solution and we found a wonderful partner.

FitThumb has helped Trish and her team grow and expand their client base in the online wellness market. FitThumb provides a critical foundational role in the daily management of all aspect of her business. Below are key services offerings/online tools that FitThumb offers as support for Trish and her coaches.

A common need of all organization is having fresh content and resources to keep their employees engaged in wellness throughout the year. Many companies have themes or events they want to highlight throughout the year but want/need additional offerings to support their internal goals. Along with helpful resources and internal programs, goal setting, user tracking and rewards are another critical piece of a successful program. Trish has found that FitThumb can provide just the right support, system flexibility and variety to keep employers and employees excited, engaged and committed throughout the year.

FitThumb Online Resources & Goal Tracking:

  • Online classes and challenges from their libraries of content allows her clients to pick programs & fresh content that meet their unique wellness themes while supporting their internal programs
  • The Behavioral Assessment FitThumb offers provides real-time outcomes/feedback for each user and a robust aggregate report for leaders so they can identify strengths and weaknesses within the health and wellbeing of their work force.
  • Reporting is a key strength of the FitThumb platform allowing administrators to see engagement and outcomes for all content, programs, events, coaching sessions, etc. so leaders can identify best practices & success stories within their organization.
  • Dashboard layouts are built to visually provide goals and progress for each user.
  • Companies can choose to run points and goal-based programs
  • As employees complete the different site offerings they will see in real-time how if they are meeting company trends, etc.
  • Spouses can also participate in the platform and be offered a different set of prizes and/or rewards
  • Outcomes based (i.e. biometric data) dashboards can also be integrated into the FitThumb platform.

Rewards are a key piece to a successful program. Keeping staff motivated and momentum high throughout the year requires thoughtful incentives/rewards. Companies have different budgets, cultures, programs, etc. which makes rewards needs unique to each organization. FitThumb offers a wide variety of options for companies to choose from in building their internal rewards program.

FitThumb offers a robust set of rewards options


  • Organizations can run drawings for prizes based on points goals set through the system
  • Admins can choose any timeframe that you would like (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • All employees have an equal opportunity to earn points and qualify for these fun drawings.
  • On-demand reports allow administrators to easily see who has met the qualifications and all data is exportable to excel

Incentive Store:

  • FitThumb allows companies to upload their own points/prize options for their staff to redeem
  • The system will show in real-time each point earned and the progress bar will increase so employees can visually see when they have earned a prize.
  • Administrators can set-up their own store in the system and manage all redemption requests with a click of a button
  • Prizes can range from water bottles, t-shirts, gift cards, wearable devices, PTO, Days, etc. you get to create any prize options you would like to offer your employees.
  • FitThumb can also help manage your inventory (i.e. if you have X number of prizes the system will track and let users know when they are out of stock) protecting your budgets & keeping it equitiable for everyone.

Premium Discounts or HSA Accounts:

  • FitThumb can help track and provide reporting for any company interested in providing insurance discounts or money put into an employee HSA account if they meet certainly point of goal requirements.
  • Dashboards provide employees with a clear view of their personal goals, individual real-time progress tracking and rewards earned throughout the year.
  • Robust reports keep administrators informed on each persons results making rewards fulfilment seamless and efficient
Companies have wonderful internal programs, events, etc. they would like their employees to learn about and engage with throughout the year. FitThumb allows organizations to embed their own events (with sign-ups), provide online appointment scheduling (i.e. flu shots, coaching, etc.), blogs and administrative messaging helps administrators keeps staff informed and excited about wellness initiatives offered throughout the year.

Organizational programs:

  • Flexibility is a key strength of the FitThumb platform. Companies can put in any organizations programs you would like your employees to engage with.
  • Examples: Preventative Services, Community Events, Financial Wellbeing, Wellness Actives, Social & Leadership Opportunities, Company Values, Eco-Friendly and more
  • Points can be set up in each program/category to be earned (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Administrators can choose if they would like proof for any of these completed programs to ensure accuracy and shared accountably
  • Employees can upload proof through their phone or computer making it easy for an administrator to view and rewards points.
  • Mini-survey's can also be built into any program providing feedback for leaders within the company


  • Online scheduling: allows administrators to put out specific dates/time slots employees can sign up for an company programs/events (i.e. onsite coaching, massages, flu shots, biometric screenings and more)
  • Blogs: provide an effective opportunity to keep employees informed of fun wellness initiatives (i.e. sharing healthy recipes, nutrition plans, exercise tips, motivational content and more).
  • Admin posts: streamline all communications from admin leaders to their staff with a simple click of a button, saving time and keeping communication strong.
  • Journal posts: offer a fun opportunity for staff to share content and ideas with their peers keeping a social connection for teams across the country and the globe.

Integrated Biometrics and Coaching Platform:

  • Coaches can directly enter biometric data into the FitThumb platform as they do onsite screenings making this an efficient process for all involved.
  • Biometric data can also be received via an electronic file feed and uploaded directly into a company platform
  • OnDemand reports are created for each employee and a robust aggregate report is available to key administrators
  • Coaches can create specific action plans, share documents and resources with each employee via the platform
  • Assessments and the integrated communication tools keep dialogue and connections strong between coaches and employees

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