Introducing..... FitThumb!
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Introducing FitThumb

Corporate wellness takes many shapes and forms. No two programs are the same and they can be as varied and as unique as your own user population.

Let FitThumb address your specific goals for personalized, engaging and socially relevant health-related interactions that address the needs of your organization. You can design and create a health program and agenda targeted to your corporate requirements. And because everything is modular, and single-platform driven, you can integrate activities and performance, track and trend data, and modify or change direction as the health of your organization shifts - at the click of a button!

We specialize in adapting our portal to meet your organizational wellness goals. Please page through these sections to learn more about what FitThumb can do for you, and when you're ready, request a demo so we can chat with you about your unique program needs.

Wellness Platform Features at a Glance

  • Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Email, Text Exercise Integration
  • Custom Dashboards for Wellness Programs
  • Exercise and Nutrition Tracking
  • Small Exercise based mini-games
  • Huge library of exercise and wellness challenges
  • Nutrition class / life class content
  • Monthly content releases
  • Event and Appointment Scheduling
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Wellness Programs for tracking objectives
  • Incentive and Reward tracking
  • Points and points customization
  • Hundreds of reports
  • Self Administration Capabilities
  • Community Challenges
  • Buddies and leaderboards
  • Journaling, Commenting and social features
  • Health Coaching Tools
  • Health Coaching Reporting
  • Health Coach Session Management
  • Biometric import, reporting and analysis
  • Email and Text reminders
  • Full Customization - menu, pages, etc.

Personalized Imagery

Graphically make your fitthumb your own. We can customize your login page for you as well as the header and background/menu bar of the inner portion of your wellness portal, (some aspects remain standardized, however, in order to create a consistent experience among our users). Feel free to use one of our marketing names - or we can register a completely unique URL for your business to make your wellness portal look and feel like YOU!

Full Time Administrative Assistant

Who is currently reporting and tracking your wellness program data? Many current clients share that FitThumb has saved an FTE position through the many ÔÇťAdministrative Area' functions. You can customize program elements, set your yearly calendar along with automatic delivery and tracking of information. Best yet - it can be configured by; individual, group, function, time/date, completion rate, etc.

Happy Users

We know users! - We've been building web applications since 1999 - and we know user interactions and usability! Everything we do within the portal we do is done in such a way that to ensure ease of use among our diverse population of users is assured. We don't design with a 'tech-head' first mentality: you won't need a Computer Science Degree to understand and to use our platform - just click the button and 'game on'!

Request a Demo Today

After you've had a chance to look over our site and what our wonderful robust and customizable portal can do, feel free to request a demo so we can show you around. We will help you think through ways that our portal FitThumb can be best utilized by your organization to meet your dynamic wellness goals.

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