Exercise and Nutrition
FitThumb Nutrition Screen

Let FitThumb cultivate positive behavioral health habits!

FitThumb hosts a set of tools and programs to help you track and manage nutrition choices and exercise activities. Establish and track goals, set waypoint markers as signposts along the journey. Keep your users informed, motivated and moving with our robust challenge toolkit.

Grab your tennis shoes and join us in fun monthly Exercise Challenges such as: Iditarod Race - Is your sled in the lead?; The Ironman Challenge - Test your endurance; Trek for the Troops - Honor our military, etc...

  • Healthy exercise choices are captured through activity tracking tools (all web-friendly) along with embedded fitness tips and educational materials/resources
  • The challenges are coupled with a social networking infrastructure, helping adventurers communicate and motivate buddies and teams to increase their level of activity
Grab your water bottle as Nutrition Challenges abound, with topics such as: Button My Pants - Lose that extra 5#; BMI (Beach Motivated Individual) - Get ready for summer; Maintain Don't Gain - Holiday Fitness Challenge, etc.
  • Healthy nutrition choices are supported by real-time nutrition recording and tracking, along with journaling tools that explore emotional issues related to maintaining dietary fitness
  • The nutritional challenges are coupled with individual assessments that increase personal dietary pattern recognition and guided selection of healthy nutritional alternatives

Exercise Tracking

FitThumb tracking works on any many of the popular wearable devices today; FitBit, Garmin and Apple watch. We also sync with Under Armour based products and apps. We even let you email or text in your exercise!

Nutrition Tracking

To simply 'fine-tune' an eating pattern, calculation of caloric intake can be tracked. For a deeper dive to alter weight, Advanced Nutrition Tracking incorporates time, type of food eaten, caloric intake with daily/weekly goals & progress tracking

Integrated Tracking

Let FitThumb combine your exercise activity and diet consumption each day to show you if you have lost, maintained, or gained. The Daily Online Calendar will indicate, at a glance, when goals were met, along with weight graph to show trended progress.

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