Our Exercise and Wellness Challenges
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Let FitThumb foster wellness in your workplace

Make FitThumb your Wellness Platform. We are privileged to work with many different organizations, corporations, universities, health systems, brokers and small groups of committed people across the U.S. and globally. Since we are integrated into Google Translate, program elements can instantly be translated in more than 112 languages.

  • Our wellness programs and challenges can accommodate any size of organization - anywhere, anytime
  • With over 18 years in the Wellness Market, we can share lessons learned with you - avoiding costly mistakes
  • We provide large standards-based libraries of fitness challenges, health adventures and on-line classes built by health experts in the fields of medicine, nursing, nutrition, mental health, exercise physiology, etc.
  • We will also help you utilize all of the wonderful proprietary materials you have created to date - get them web-ready and into the hands of your users

Physical Health Adventures

Challenges focus on a wide range of physical health adventures (i.e. nutrition, hydration, exercise and more)

Mental Health Adventures

Challenges focus on stress reduction and life-balance (i.e. random acts of kindness, distracted driving, setting personal boundaries, financial health, etc.)

Daily Pit Stop

Targets practices to cultivate behavioral change as each person sets individual weekly goals for health-promoting activities (sleep, sun safety, exercise, emotional health etc.) Weekly reports show user their individual progress, allowing for adjustment of goals or shifting topic focus for the following week

Online Journal

Web-based writing option is available for a user who wants to keep a personal log on their emotional health. Community function is also available to share records with select friends or a support group.

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