Technical Details

Our Technology

Welcome to our technical section. Our section 508 compliant wellness portal uses the latest encryption technologies to keep your data safe as well as serving our platform from Amazon Web Services.

We handle the majority of our development in-house which gives us tremendous flexibilty in adapting our platform to meet the varied needs of our clients.

Customized URLs

Use one of our default marketing domains, or present your wellness portal using a completely customized URL for your organization. We'll do all the heavy lifting (Registration, security, setup) for a small additional monthly fee.

SSL Security

All access to our portal is protected by Secure Sockets Layer security. Use either wildcard through the primary FitThumb domain, or one of our other marketing names or your own personalized wellness portal URL.

HIPAA Compliant and Industry Standard Encryption

Following industry best practices we provide a HIPAA compliant solution. When managing Protected Health Information we ensure all access is tracked and reported back to the end user. We also manage our systems using the latest in industry standard encryption.

SSO (Single Sign On), ADFS, SAML and more

Need a secure and compliant solution to integrate with Single Sign On from your existing platform or intranet? We're happy to help! We integrate Single Sign On all the time for our Wellness Portal customers.

Unique Needs

As developers, we're able to customize and develop on our solution to meet your unique needs. Schedule a demo today to have a quick conversation about how we can help you and streamline your wellness program.

WhiteLabel and Branding

FitThumb services not only companies but also broker organizations who need a well rounded wellness and health coaching platform to help them deliver their services. Our whitelabeling solution will help brand the platform to be uniquely yours!

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