Health Coaching Tools
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Let FitThumb be your Case Management Headquarters!

A robust Case Management Platform is available for use by existing Case Management Programs. Measurement and recording of various biometric data, coupled with risk stratification tools, creates individual user reports which can be trended over time. Communication tools support individual and group coaching, education, care planning and guided discussions as the case manager encourages life style and chronic illness management strategies.

  • Start with a baseline - our system seamlessly offers a Behavioral Health Risk Assessment for users as they create an account on the FitThumb Platform
  • The user gets immediate feedback on each section of the HRA, giving them a realistic Health Profile, while the Administrator/Case Manager gets a robust aggregate report of user group
  • Biometric data is seamlessly imported into personal record of user, with repeated tests shown side-by-side to note shifts in data over time
  • Health coaches can track each session with the user, maintaining their data, clinical notes, educational offerings, follow-ups and more
  • Secure text messaging and group communication is available through the portal
  • A robust document library of educational materials, action plans etc. is also available

Health Coaching

Start where you are! An in-depth Health Risk Assessment is the starting point for all Health Coaching. Outcomes are risk stratified - Low, Medium. High. Coaches can review each users personal score in key health and wellness categories to create standards-guided improvement plans.

Biometric Data Management

A Biometric Screening Profile template is also available on-line. Entered biometric data is seamlessly streamlined into the patient record, along with the HRA, and other data captured by the Case Manager

Biometric Based Coaching

Report segmentation focuses biometric risk levels and values into a smaller subset of users to target coaching content with a specific 'at-risk' population. Time frame comparison compares the same users between two different evaluation periods to show fluctuating trends.

Coaching Resources

An individual on-line record keeping tool captures notes, communication, education and other activities provided the individual user. You can upload your own documents to provide a robust library to your end users. Assign documents and other coaching materials - with notes you may wish to add specificity to the person. Create individualized action plans for your users to follow prescriptive paths.

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