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Our Employee Wellness Platform / Portal

FitThumb is a powerful vehicle for change, providing enhanced health and wellbeing through key education and prevention activities informed by data-driven outcomes/results.

Corporate and Employee Wellness

FitThumb is a cloud based Health & Wellness Company with more than 18 years of experience in providing services ranging from targeted wellness challenges to enterprise-wide employee health solutions. Our seasoned Professional Team works with key members of each organization to:

Our Employee Wellness Process

  • Start with a baseline - begin your journey with our on-line Behavioral Health Assessment & repeat it at sequenced intervals to benchmark progress
  • Strengthen employee health by choosing from our library of exciting fitness/wellness challenges
  • Host your own company-developed proprietary program materials
  • Reward your employees with incentives, insurance discounts, etc.
  • Individualize a program by setting personal goals, creating buddy teams and inviting spouses
  • Provide online education classes from our Library - your virtual Health Educator
  • Manage your program with an automated, robust Administrative Dashboard

Rx for Wellness and Prevention

Provides a program that engages, educates, tracks, and rewards individual wellness choices over time.

Engages Employees

Fosters lower job-related stress and absenteeism, along with better overall health and higher job satisfaction.

Educates Individuals and Groups

Cultivates better healthcare decision-makers, effectively reducing benefit dollars spent while improving morale and collaboration within any culture.

Tracks Performance

Data capture supports and maintains behavioral change over time through corporate-provided material rewards, increased understanding, and social networking which offers new insights and supportive relationships.

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