Corporate Wellness Program Administration
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Corporate Wellness Program Administration

FitThumb has 18 years of experience in customizing corporate wellness program administrative platforms based on a companies' unique Wellness Program criteria. The robust Administrative Dashboard assists your Corporate Wellness Program Director with management of; program offerings, individual/group performance, user engagement and points tracking, and information dispensing. The platform exceeds HIPPA Security Compliance, so specific metrics can be captured, tracked and measured over time to help meet desired program outcomes. We offer a wide and diversified set of reports, delivered in the restricted Administrative area of the platform. Access to the Administrative Platform is determined by the organization only.

How healthy is your organization?

  • Our system seamlessly offers a Health Risk Assessment for users to participate in as they create an account on our platform. Companies can 'require' users to complete the HRA or make it optional; the system will be set up based on an organizations goals. Establish your baseline.
  • Immediately upon completion of HRA, real-time graphs and reports are offered to each user along with 'best practices' in all areas of the online assessment. (i.e. nutrition, exercise, stress, BMI, readiness to change, etc.)
  • Each user has their own personal Scorecard that will automatically update as they engage in the program activities offered throughout the year. Trended group data keeps you informed of progress made, or identifies issues that might be addressed by your Wellness Program.
  • Aggregate Health Risk Assessment data and any uploaded Biometric Data are risk stratified - with projected cost implication for the organizational budget in areas of insurance costs, workers compensation/disability, and absenteeism.
  • Corporate designated individual and team challenges can be launched through the platform offering fun & engaging content for users to join - either in one location or across the world - including outer space.
  • All online content (classes, challenges, health adventures etc.) have corresponding engagement reports available - in real time and over time - showing % accepting, declining and completing the activity.
  • Survey outcomes based on class completion with evaluative feedback are provided to the organization, showing areas of interest and level of satisfaction.
  • Robust point and goal tracking reports provide the Program Administrator with a clear view of how each employee (and the entire organization) is moving towards their wellness goals.
  • Users can upload pertinent documents (i.e. insurance information, annual physical, health screening form, flu shot documents, etc.) for easy auditing and outcomes management.
  • FitThumb is integrated with Google Translate, allowing any user to select their language of choice (over 112 languages available), supporting cultural diversity in the workplace.

Corporate Wellness Program Dashboard

Program Tabs and the Real-time Progress Bar show involvement of individuals and groups during timed challenges. Points are embedded into each module to reward active engagement. Points are emailed weekly to individuals to motivate & encourage on-going participation. Accrued individual point totals are always available to the Program Administrator at the touch of a button - reducing valuable administrative time to track and reward engagement.

Activity Scheduler

This is the Administrators best friend! Once the yearly calendar of events is established, challenges and classes - all program elements - are seamless delivered by the platform. The integrated scheduling system also allows users to schedule themselves into timeslots made available for program activity. This is useful for flu shot appointments, health coaching sessions, or an educational offering with limited seating. Users receive reminders via email and text.

Communications Center

Management can share news and information with a group, as well as offer encouragement when performance shifts (either 'best practice' or 'disappearance act'). It is also the link into Community Projects and Programs.

Community Section

The sophisticated social networking function allows users to create their own buddy teams, focused challenges and discussion groups with their friends & family, offering a diversified set of opportunities for all employees. This feature strongly supports work-life balance.

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