Team Challenges
FitThumb Team Challenge Screen

Let FitThumb challenge and track team performance!

The power of groups is captured in the various Team Challenges that await your organization. Choose from the extensive Fitness Challenges Library to find the perfect 'themed' trial for your business: Climb Mt. Everest, Olympic Fitness, Button Your Pants, Adultitis, Running with the Bulls, or Virtual Dog Walking Challenge, to name a few. All goal-driven challenges operate in similar fashion. Themed milestone badges 'unlock' as progress is made, giving points earned and an educational fact to support a healthy lifestyle.

Continuous real-time team performance reports rank individuals and groups as well as groups across locations. This allows users to view their position within the team and the organization, as well as the entire challenge field. Friendly competition spurs user engagement. Often a clever and well-chosen Team/ Member camouflages their name or identity - adding to the fun - check this out!]

  • Provide ease of use - all team challenges are run like a marathon
  • Choose your topic - or make your own challenge to target a corporate goal
  • Choose your metrics - capture exercise performance in duration or steps
  • Choose to share - or keep your individual participation and performance data private
  • Customize challenge to your program goals - choose dates, points to offer, time frame etc.
  • Foster friendly competition - team performance ranking is always current and available to each user

Themed Challenges

Make the trip more fun! Playful, yet demanding for those who strive to complete the most difficult version, topic variety keeps your user base returning for the next adventure.

Educational Badges

All challenges have themed milestone badges that unlock when the target has been reached. Each badge has an entertaining element as well as an educational focus to support and enhance healthy living - as well as reward points earned.

Simple Sign Up

Teams can be created by administrators, or your users can create and manage their own teams. A special URL will auto-sign them up for a team challenge with one click.

Create your Own

Anything can be converted to a Team Challenge. If your Wellness Committee has a specific issue or target goal, we can help you turn it into your next great Challenge Adventure! We often do custom team challenges, please read more here.

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